With more than 20 years experience in the cement industry we truly believe good design is most imperative.

The mix design for the counter tops is highly advanced formula using multiple additives. Included are specially graded aggregate to give the concrete its character. The use of fibers and reinforcing technology to sustain high performance in tensile strength and added structural integrity. The mix design tested at an accredited laboratory in controlled conditions showed compressive strength results of 31MPa at 2 days allowing manufactured products to be delivered to the client in good time.

The concrete counter tops are cast in the factory where lines and edges can be formed precisely and the countertops can be cast, cured and sealed under controlled conditions. After curing, the surface is diamond polished to ensure it is “smooth’ to the touch and to achieve the rustic finish. Depending on the choice of the customer, the stone can be beautifully displayed by further grinding and polishing.

Concrete in its natural state, unsealed is porous and will stain. The surface is sealed with a sealant making it water and stain resistant and thus offers a hard wearing attractive surface.

Thereafter a natural wax is applied to the surface and buffed to achieve a shine.